Voices, Hands & Hearts

*please pardon this departure from a light-hearted travel/family blog… For far longer than just the last few days tragic headlines, I’ve wondered how to say something. I’ve wondered how to tell my friends of color how I feel about this. … Continue reading Voices, Hands & Hearts

Are we destined to be sailors?

A few days after arriving in Auckland, New Zealand (City of Sails), Tovah and I started talking about how we would like to travel the world all the time someday. We both agreed that sailing around the world would be the way to do it, and half joked about buying a yacht and heading off into the sunset. As we continued our adventure through New Zealand- Heli-hiking on Glaciers, Jet boating in Queenstown, galloping on horseback in the Catlins, and continuously saw amazing things, we kept thinking about the yacht idea and even spent an afternoon fantasizing about which ports … Continue reading Are we destined to be sailors?