I am: a writer (of blogs, poems, movies, songs, and stories); a proud feminist; an only daughter to the world’s most fantastic parents, a wife to my patient and generous partner, Raj; a mother to my beautiful, sweet and clever Nina (3.5) and silly, determined and often destructive London (1.5); an environmental, animal and food activist; and a lover of all things related to travel, culture, and nature (except mosquitoes and ticks). I’m rather opinionated and often short-tempered and impatient when I get overwhelmed.

I enjoy: cooking, eating, wine, fire pits, holding hands, reading, watching my children play, movies, sunsets, the beach, paddling and kayaking at dawn, horseback riding, road trips, laughing, entertaining, the occasional political debate and boating.

I must: travel, learn, explore, have dogs, nurture those I love, feel connected with nature, have down time, and always keep my family close.

I endeavor to: live in the moment, see the good, always be kind, find balance in all things, live a simple life, nourish my body and those I love with whole foods, be there for my friends and others in need, and use words wisely.

I despise: apathy, intolerance, cruelty, and war.

My name is Tovah, and I’m thrilled that you are interested in my ramblings about my travel experiences, daily adventures, wellness and family life! Thanks for coming by!

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