Are we destined to be sailors?

A few days after arriving in Auckland, New Zealand (City of Sails), Tovah and I started talking about how we would like to travel the world all the time someday. We both agreed that sailing around the world would be the way to do it, and half joked about buying a yacht and heading off into the sunset.

As we continued our adventure through New Zealand- Heli-hiking on Glaciers, Jet boating in Queenstown, galloping on horseback in the Catlins, and continuously saw amazing things, we kept thinking about the yacht idea and even spent an afternoon fantasizing about which ports we’d sail into on a yearly basis.

We continued talking about it so much that we actually started looking into different types of yacht, and came to the realization that we had no idea about yachts (power or sail). Actually we didn’t even know if we’d like the sea, sailing or anything related to such a life style. So, we decided to do a little research as we are about to be in the sailing capital of the world.

We contacted a few companies and booked a 5 day/4 night sailing certification course onboard a 10 meter yacht. So, Tovah and I are going to learn how to sail and get a crewman certification out of it!

We set sail from Auckland on May 8th aboard the “French Connection” – just the two of us and the instructor. We get back on the 12th and the next day we head for Hong Kong. I’ll let you all know if we are future sailors or not after the course.

One thought on “Are we destined to be sailors?

  1. so did you learn how to sail then? River Thames is waiting for you! you can have a practice run when you get here…. in preparation for your world sailathorn!! Su


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