Voices, Hands & Hearts

*please pardon this departure from a light-hearted travel/family blog…

For far longer than just the last few days tragic headlines, I’ve wondered how to say something. I’ve wondered how to tell my friends of color how I feel about this. I am white. I am privileged. I have biases that I am aware of and I am sure I possess many that I am not aware of. I am flawed. I don’t always know the right thing to say. I may even occasionally offend.

Yet I believe #blacklivesmatter.

As we wake up to the onslaught of news and debate after the Dallas Blue act of terror, our American world seems poised to make a decision. Will this action divide us further- past the point of reparation? Or can we all use this opportunity to unite? Can we raise voices together in hope? Can we join hands together for peace? Can we find love for ALL our American brothers and sisters in our hearts?  Can we, as painful as it may be, move THROUGH this time by speaking the truth- by acknowledging that the playing field has never been level- that there may not be a simple way to ever fix it, just as there is certainly no way to ever undo the wrongs.

It’s so very frustrating to face a problem that we don’t know how to solve. For those who are white and privileged like I am, it’s easy to feel defensive; after all, I personally didn’t create the system I live so comfortably within. But with the only other option to be that we continue to ignore or deny the issue as a whole, we must for the good of the collective soul of our nation, come together. For now, we can simply acknowledge. Those like me can pledge to both acknowledge and use our privilege to be a voice… an ally.

And to my friends of color: please know that I’m trying. If I make a mistake or inadvertently offend you, don’t turn your back on me. Know that I’m willing to learn. I’m on this journey too.

In peace…

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