Travelling Thoughts

I think it is widely accepted that international travel, especially for an extended period of time, has the tendency to change people, even if in only small ways.  Obviously, one of the reasons for this is that you witness the way other people live and have the opportunity to compare many differences in lifestyle to your own.  Intrinsic to this comparison, is a greater appreciation for many of the comforts of home.  While I have undoubtedly gained a deeper understanding, appreciation and respect for the Chinese culture, travelling for an extended period of time in this Asian society has made … Continue reading Travelling Thoughts

Yes we are leaving for a 4 month world tour

We are less than a week away for an adventure of a lifetime and I can’t wait. For some of you this trip might be a little bit of a surprise, so perhaps let me provide a quick background on how we got here. As some of you know Spunlogic got acquired by Halyard Capital in March 2008. The Agency was renamed Engauge and I remained with the agency based out of Atlanta. I approached my executive team with a request to take a 4 month Sabbatical a few months ago and was lucky enough to get my request approved. … Continue reading Yes we are leaving for a 4 month world tour