“We just bought an RV!”

I can’t believe we did it. Not because what we did is so crazy, but because it all happened so fast. Less than 2 months ago, Raj (my husband of nearly 10 years), mentioned that circumstances could develop at his work that would result in his leaving his company. We briefly and wistfully chatted of what it might be like to take a severance package and then have time for us to reconnect as a family. For us, that involves travel. However, though Raj and I have travelled quite a bit, both individually and as a couple (including a 4 month trip around the world in 2008), we now have kids… little kids… and 2 dogs… kinda big dogs.  So our conversation about traveling as a family veered in the direction of road trips, and that brought us to the idea of renting an RV and driving cross-country.  That was as far as the discussion went. In truth, I don’t think either us really believed things could fall into place in a way that would actually take such a plan to fruition.  But a couple of weeks went by and that is exactly what happened.

The past 2 years have been… stressful.  Some, even most of the events behind this  have been positive (e.g., the birth of our second child, London, new career possibilities, and Raj taking on and completing an 18 month Executive MBA program), but it’s been draining, too, and the time pressures of these things left our family pretty disconnected. So, when it suddenly became apparent that Raj was indeed going to be able to take some time off work, we started researching in earnest, the idea of renting RVs. We were shocked at how expensive a venture like this is! Not only is there a rather hefty weekly or monthly fee, but they also charge you by the mile (did I mention we live in Atlanta and are looking to drive to the Pacific Northwest?).  We quickly realized that even if we decide to sell in 6 months and take a massive depreciation hit, we are probably better off buying an RV.

Initially, we thought a simple 30-32 foot Class C was the best choice… practical and manageable.  But we also decided that for 2 toddlers (18 month old London and 3.5 year old Nina), we’d like a bunkhouse model so that they would have permanent beds set up, as opposed to pulling out the sofa/setting up the dinette every night.  So, in a 10 day stretch of time, we went from looking at used Class Cs, to buying a brand spanking new, Class A Forest River Georgetown Motorcoach… and it’s pushing 40 ft with our bike hitch attached!  It’s purty’ and spacious, with 2 bathrooms and a W/D! I am ambivalent about the fact we will not particularly be roughing it on this 3+ month trip.  Weird perhaps, but since I camped as a child, this “glamping” thing feels like cheating… and yet, I’m quite aware of how spoiled and pampered I’ve become in my adult life, – you could say I’m a bit of a city girl – so I’m comforted to know that my family can explore nature with some of the creature comforts we are used to (hot water, full size refrigerator and a W/D). My goal of getting back to nature, as well as introducing my children to the natural beauty all around us, is only secondary to our previously mentioned need to reconnect. Seems ideal to combine the two. Thus, we’ll be focusing our travels mostly on rural areas and National and State Parks, as well as a few ranches. But first, we must prep our rig…

6 thoughts on ““We just bought an RV!”

  1. Hope all is going well so far. It will be an adjustment for all of you. Slower going too with kiddos and dogs! Have a great adventure! We’ll be watching! Love and kisses

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  2. I also bought a Georgetown 364TS and love it. We bought same day 7/7/17 in Alvarado Texas
    I am glad the 2016 models and up have the 6 speed transmission. Everyone was saying how loud the older 5 speeds are. Ours hardly every gets to 2500 rpms and is very quiet! Not like a diesel but at least my wife and I can talk without major engine noise. Hope your trip went well!

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